Zacharia Hildreth


I have been working in the computers and technology industry for over 17 years, and can pretty much do anything you want related to programing. Consultations are always free, so do not hesitate to see if me and my company are the right fit for your programming needs!

I am passionate about programming, and it does not feel like work to me. Because of this, I am able to treat every job like it is my own. I always give my best effort and go above and beyond. My code always is efficient and well organized. All of my projects always come with well commented code and a detailed documentation of how to build, run install etc etc.

I am always available for any job offer, whether freelance or full/part time, whether an independent contractor or employee, or for startup equity, so get in contact with me!

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Full Stack Developer

Here are some details about me


Frontend Programming Languages

Angular 80%
CSS 80%
HTML 90%
Javascript 90%
React 70%
Typescript 90%

Backend Programming Languages

Node.js 90%
PHP 90%

Bare Metal Programming Languages

C 95%
C++ 90%
C# 80%
Go 90%

Scripting Programming Languages

Bash 95%
Pinescript 60%

Miscellaneous Programming Languages

Assembly (x86 and x64) 80%
Unity VR 95%


PostgreSQL 70%
Mongodb 90%


Docker 80%
Jenkins 80%


Coin Dev 95%
Inovator and Inventor of consensuses etc 95%

Miscellaneous Tools

Wireshark 70%
SonarQube 90%

Operating Systems

Windows 95%
Linux 95%



Zacharia Hildreth

Seeking a position where my skills and education can be successfully implemented and make a difference in a premier company in its field.


Bachelors of Computer Science

2013 - 2016

Regis University, Denver, CO

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a 3.8 GPA (mangum cum laude). Created a DNS switcher program for Windows and Linux using C++ for my senior capstone project.

Professional Experience

XCASH Cryptocurency - CTO

2018 - Present

Paris, France

  • Managed a small team of 10 other remote developers in various time zones, across the US, EU, and Asia regions.
  • Various Blockchain work in C and C++.
  • Invented public transactions for X-CASH (first monero based coin to have this).
  • Invented a custom DPOPS and DBFT consensus protocol using VRF that was about 50K lines of C code, for Linux servers.

Professional Experience

Null Boundaries Gaming LLC - Owner and CTO

2017 - Present

Sacramento, California

  • Built a baseball training VR simulator.
  • Built a VR FPS game.
  • Worked with various servers, using a micro services structure.

MH Electric - Head of Programming Department/System Administrator

2007 - 2016

Riverside, California

  • Created a 13000 line assembly program with GUI for the company to keep track of their profits and expenditures.
  • Created a C++ program to create invoices and quotes to send to their customers.
  • Created a C++ AES-256-GCM encryption program for file sending.
  • Setup VPN and Socks5h proxies.


Sample Simple Open Source Programs, To Showcase My Coding Style etc etc.

  • All

C++ File Shredder

C++ File Shredder




Years Of Experience

Owner / Worker



Zachy Zone LLC
ATTN Zacharia Hildreth
312 W. 2nd St #3283
Casper WY, 82601
United States


+1 (307) 218-7230